UK Pensions

Did you work in the UK and leave your pension behind?

If you have left a pension behind, we will be pleased to request a pension forecast on your behalf and review your pension options. Deciding what to do with your pension plan requires careful consideration of many factors. The decisions you make today can have a significant impact in your retirement income for the future. We will help you understand your options and assist you in finding the best and most cost effective solution for you. 

Our Services Include:

Private Company Pensions

A transfer from the UK is possible, provided that the funds in the UK Pension Plan were made by an employer on behalf of the employee for services rendered while that person was a resident in the UK. There are two types of pension plans we usually encounter, Occupational and Personal pension plans. We prepare a letter of direction to your former employer’s pension plan administrator requesting the details of your pension. Once that is received we review and prepare an analysis of your options. Not every pension plan can be transferred to a Qualifying Recognized Overseas Pension Schemes (QROPS). We work with a number of companies that are classified as QROPS and have systems in place to handle such transfers. If these guidelines are not followed, Inland Revenue will tax the full value of the funds that were transferred. These guidelines would be discussed in detail on your pension analysis. We specialize in giving advice for all UK Pensions for individuals living outside the UK. If you think you may be entitled to a pension, contact us to find out more. We can help!


Securing your Family's Future

Following the advice of a trusted advisor is shown to be a significant factor in building wealth and achieving investment success. Our team can provide sound advice and a Personal Wealth Management Strategy™ to guide & assist you & your family at any stage of life.